Summer Hours 

 Tuesday, 10 TO 1

Thursday, 10 TO 1

& Saturday 10 TO 1  

BUT We Service Hot tubs 6 days a week.


800-223-1240   or    740-432-4818

Buddy Brill    co-owner

 Donna Bril    co-ownerl 

We have All Board Certified Hot Tub Technicians that can repair any hot tub

Why Do we have so many 

Hot tubs On our sales floor?

Would you buy a car without getting in it?? Then why buy a Hot Tub without getting into it??  Hot tub salespeople will come to your house with just pictures of Hot Tubs. I see people shop for cars on line, but they will always test drive before they buy. The same should go for hot tubs. We see it a lot. A person gets into a hot tub that the family wants to buy. Then they find out that it is not right for them.  After trying out our other tubs, they find a good fit for everyone in the family.

Check out this video to find out more about Passion Spas

Only 5 Hot Tubs in stock till mid July

Clearwater Spa

Strong Spa 3 seater $2999

 Nordic XL

Passion Spa  3 Seater

Euphoria Passion Spa 

over 100 jets

Made  by Buddy Brill on his Mac Pro