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Buddy Brill    co-owner

 Donna Bril    co-ownerl 

We have All Board Certified Hot Tub Technicians that can repair any hot tub


We started this retail Store 45 years ago. Buddy built the building from the ground up in 1973 and 1974. The Store started small and got more extensive as the years went by. So now we have the floor full of hot tubs to look at and let you the buyer come in and try them out wet or dry. What you see is what you get. Take it for a test drive, you might say.  

 "I think I could have sold a lot more Hot Tubs than I have," says Buddy, "There is a lot of competition on selling Hot Tubs. There are lots of Hot Tub salespeople and their only job is to sell Hot Tubs and they only make money when they sell.  Just like a car salesperson. Now Buddy does both sales and service. He also is store manager. Buddy believes service is more important than making the sale. "We work hard to get the job done right on all our repair/service work." So a lot of deals are lost because we do not have to a dedicated salesperson who will keep after a buyer." 

 I would say, 70% of the hot tubs we repair are hot tubs we DID NOT sell. Be careful when buying a hot tub from under a tent, either in a parking lot or fairgrounds. I would make sure the guy is a local dealer. Some salespeople travel hundreds of miles to sell hot tubs then move on to the next tent sale just like a circus. They make a great living doing this, and they do this every day. You get the hot tub dropped off in your yard and they are gone. In 45 years, I know what customers have told me and what they paid. 

Be careful when shopping for hot tubs. You may feel you are getting a fantastic deal. Plus, the deal is only good today only because the salesperson is going back home 200 miles away. You may hear a story like this, "Today is our last day here, and we have got to sell this $15,000 hot tub for $10000. Then you say no and start to leave, then you hear (hey wait a minute let me talk to my boss). He said we can sell it at $5000 now because it will cost us too much to take it back to the factory". I would say in every case I had been able to sell them a hot tub with the same equipment (apples to apples) for less money.

Buddy & Eugene

Your hot tub Doctors

Certified Hot Tub Technicians

Buddy has been selling Hot Tub's now for 45 years.

Eugene renewed his Spa Tech certification  with a A+ score on his test. You need to renew your certification every three years  from 

the PHTA  Pool & Hot Tub Alliance the 4 day course & test was held in Atlantic City 

The Moonlite Swim & Spa Crew 

L to R    Buddy, Eugene, Riley

We have 5 hot tub companies 

we have a dealership with:

Passion Spas

Clearwater Hot Tubs 

Nordic Hot Tubs

Strong Spas

PDC Hot Tubs

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